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Thank you for visiting BenLanders.com. If you’re searching for Ben Landers the all star amateur baseball player or Ben Landers, the CEO of The United Way of Knoxville, TN, prepare to be disappointed! This website belongs to Ben Landers, the president and CEO of Blue Corona, one of the fastest growing online inbound marketing companies in the country.

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The world of marketing has changed. Outbound marketing is dying a not so slow death. Inbound marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are demonstrating returns never seen before by many business owners and marketing executives. If you own a business or manage the marketing for one and you’d like to get more leads and business from the web, we should talk because I can help.

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Fully immersed in inbound marketing and online advertising strategy since 1999, I've helped hundreds of companies - from "Mom and Pop" home service businesses to large, publicly-traded enterprises - use analytics and the web to measurably improve their marketing performance.

Forget keywords and search rankings - what I'm talking about is a measurable increase in the revenue and gross profit you generate from your website and the Internet.

Why You Need to Invest in Inbound Marketing

If you're not "all in" with inbound internet marketing, you're getting left behind by your competitors. If it hasn't happened to you yet, there's a good chance it will. For many industries, it's adapt or die. Don't believe me? Look around. Companies are dying left and right, while others in the exact same industry and market are doing fantastic. Think it's luck? Think again. I've worked with some of these companies that are doing great (and analyzed many more), and I can tell you that - with rare exception - they've all embraced data-driven, inbound online marketing.

How I Can Help You

Whether you're thinking about redesigning your website and want to make sure you don't kill your organic rankings and conversion rates in the process, or whether you're interesting in accurately tracking all of your advertising strategies (online and off), I can help.

Talk to me about your business and your goals. Let me do a comprehensive review of your website and online marketing presence. I'll show you what's really going on with your site, what your competitors are doing and create for you an online marketing strategy and gameplan that's customized specifically to your business.

You want to generate more revenue from the web? This is how you do it.

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