Internet Marketing Coach/Trainer

The world of marketing has changed. Outbound marketing—strategies like print, radio, telemarketing, TV, etc.—doesn’t produce the results it once did. As a result, it’s being rapidly replaced by inbound marketing strategies like content marketing, PPC, and SEO. A lot of CEOs, business owners, and marketing professionals are struggling to wrap their arms around these new strategies.

In order for your company to benefit from inbound marketing, you need buy-in across the board—owners, managers, sales reps, customer service, etc. The companies doing the best with new media marketing get everyone involved. Whether your challenge is selling upper management on the merits of allocating more resources to inbound internet marketing or getting your employees to drink the proverbial content marketing Kool-Aid, Ben can help.

Ben has transformed companies like DrinkMore Water and Len The Plumber into data-driven, online marketing powerhouses. At Blue Corona, Ben has created (from scratch), a world-class team of data-driven, inbound internet marketing professionals running one of the fastest-growing online marketing companies in the world.

Challenges Ben can help you solve:

  • Educating management and employees on the benefits of inbound marketing
  • Showing customer service and sales personnel how to use technology to book more appointments and close more business
  • Finding “hidden” content marketing gems within your company culture
  • How to find, interview, and hire employees that “get” online marketing

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