Frequently Asked Questions

What is inbound marketing?

The term inbound marketing is an umbrella term created to refer to (mostly online) marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, etc. Inbound marketing strategies stand in sharp contrast to “traditional” marketing strategies in that they “pull” prospects to you vs. pushing your message at them (as is the case with “traditional” marketing strategies such as direct mail, radio, TV, etc.). Inbound marketing takes time, but it allows businesses to generate much better leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels.

Is inbound marketing the same as blogging?

Blogging is one inbound marketing tactic, but be clear—having a blog on your website isn’t the same as having a fully developed inbound marketing strategy (the same way that having a saw doesn’t make you a remodeler).

Will you write content for me?

In rare cases, “yes.” In most cases, “no.” I’m the president of Blue Corona, one of the fastest-growing inbound marketing and SEO companies in the country (we rank 174 on the 2012 Inc. 500 list). It’s a full-time job running a company, so I only work directly with a handful of large clients. That said, if you want to get started with inbound marketing—or kick your current efforts into high gear—my staff consists of a half-dozen professional copywriters. I can consult with you to understand your needs and then assign your project to one of my writers. I’ll be involved with and oversee the production of your copy, but I won’t be the person actually doing the writing.

This leads to the next question I get all the time…

Is separate from Blue Corona?

The short answer is, “no.” Think of as an extension of Blue Corona. For years, I’ve maintained a personal blog at The traffic was high enough that I decided to turn it into a full-blown personal website. At this point, I manage the growth and operations of Blue Corona. It’s a full-time job; however, I do take on a limited number of consulting projects, give a handful of speeches each year, etc. Any services you inquire about via this website will be billed via Blue Corona (i.e. if you’d like to hire me as a consultant or to give a speech at your conference, you will be billed by Blue Corona).

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