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Need help creating a content marketing strategy for your business? You’ve come to the right place.

Content Marketing Works

What is your company’s content marketing strategy? Most business owners don’t have an answer to this question. If you fall into this category, I think you’re making a huge mistake and you’ve got a great opportunity on your hands.

With content marketing, you create content of genuine value to your prospects—content your prospects actually want to consume (and share). By creating relevant (remarkable) content, you’ll not only be found on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but you will also establish your company as an authority—a leader in your field.

I have helped nearly 100 companies use high-quality content marketing to measurably improve their marketing return on investment (ROI).

How I Can Help You

Whether you work in the marketing department at a large organization with an in-house marketing team or you’re the owner of a local business looking for someone to help you actually do/implement the work, I can help. Let me show you how to harness the power of content marketing to generate more web traffic and conversions.

Common engagements include:

  • Helping you recruit, hire, and train a chief content officer
  • Training your staff on content marketing best practices
  • Giving custom seminars on content marketing, SEO, CRO, etc.
  • Helping you create a content marketing strategy that makes sense
  • Writing relevant and remarkable content for your website
  • Helping you implement and set up the right analytics/tracking tools

Getting Started with Content Marketing

Ready to make the switch from traditional advertising to inbound content marketing? I can help you put in place a process that makes sense—from the knowledge your staff will need to the tools required for success. Call the phone number above or fill out the contact form on your right to set up a meeting with me!

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